How to watch F1 in 2018

A new season of the FIA Formula One Championship will be on television this year with the first races of 2018 set for Saturday, July 1. 

The 2017 season featured some of the most thrilling races in F1 history and the championship has returned to the same format this year. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new season.

The races in 2018 have been divided into three stages with each race lasting eight races, with the winner of each stage being crowned champion of the championship. 

With the exception of the Monaco Grand Prix, which is not part of the current championship, the 2017 F1 season had a total of 16 races. 

At the start of the season, the championship had 12 drivers competing in each race, which means that the top two finishers in each round are the drivers who finish in the top three of the standings. 

Each driver starts the season with a small lead over the rest of the field and this lead is extended to the end of the race if necessary. 

A point is added for each lap gained in the race. 

There are a total number of 12 races for the race, and the last two races are a three-car race between McLaren and Ferrari. 

In the race in Monaco, Sebastian Vettel was able to take pole position after the final lap to clinch his fourth title. 

As he was in the lead at the end, Vettel won the race for Ferrari and finished with a total pole position. 

After his pole position, Visconti started from the back row and was able do the same in the final two laps. 

His lead was enough for Vettel to take a point ahead of the podium-bound Alonso. 

It was the first time that Vettel had done that since qualifying for the 2009 Canadian Grand Prix. 

Alonso had been in pole position for most of the weekend, but he was unable to gain the podium, finishing fourth after his first race of the year.

Vettel was not able to make a repeat of his pole finish in Monaco due to mechanical issues, which forced him to change tyres. 

Vettel won his first Grand Prix of the new Formula One season and his second in just over a year with McLaren, with Alonso finishing fourth in the championship after he was third in 2009. 

Despite Alonso finishing fifth in Monaco last year, he finished fourth overall in his first season in F3 with Red Bull. 

McLaren will also have to deal with the return of the Ferrari-powered cars, which will be joined by the Ferrari V6 V8, which has been retired for the season. 

Mercedes will be racing with the Mercedes-AMG GT3s and Renault will be running the Renault Sport V6, which had been replaced by the Renault R-Pascal. 

Renault will have to replace the Renault Power Unit (RPU) in order to run the car with the F1 engine, but the RPU is currently running on its own power unit and does not have to be replaced. 

Both of the teams will have the opportunity to switch the RPRV in order for them to run in the F2 championship, but it is not certain which team will be in the running. 

Williams and Ferrari will also race at the same venue, with Williams running in the Red Bull Ring, with Ferrari also racing at the Ferrari Automobile Club of Monza. 

Racing at the Silverstone Circuit, as well as the Spa circuit, will be the focus of the first three races, and all the other races will take place in Spa, Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone. 

Formula 1 races will be broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC Sport. 

Check out all the details for the F3 race, with a replay to follow on Saturday. 

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