How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Death Is Being Used as a Pitch for an Advertiser-Sponsored Video News Station

On Monday, the video news station for a Florida television station said it had suspended the station’s current anchor for “inappropriate behavior.”

The station, which is owned by CBS, said in a statement that “the anchor of a local news station has made inappropriate and/or offensive comments in the past.”

“These inappropriate comments have no place in a news station that covers the news,” the statement said.

“It is with great regret that CBS is taking this action.”

The Associated Press, which first reported the news, reported that the station had suspended anchor John Wettlaufer because of his controversial comments about sexual harassment.

Wettlauer had previously said in an interview with the Miami Herald that he had heard from women who had been sexually harassed.

The station also said WettLauer had expressed support for the KKK, which Wettlsaufer said was a hate group.

Wetlauer was also suspended from the station.

In a statement, CBS said the station “condemns these actions as intolerable and in no way reflect our values or how we work.”

“We are also deeply sorry for the distress caused to many of our viewers and we take any and all incidents of inappropriate behavior very seriously,” the station said.CBS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The news station said in its statement that Wettler has not spoken to the media since the incident and is not permitted to comment on the incident.

In response to the news of the suspension, Wettelauer tweeted: “CBS News will no longer have a ‘Fox News anchor’ in our newsroom.

I’m sorry.”ABC News and AP contributed to this report.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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