Net Video Girls’ Net Video Awards 2017

Net VideoGirls’ Net Awards 2017 announced its nominees for the best new, first and second place in the net video girls category.

The awards were announced during the first annual Net VideoGirlCon on Thursday, November 20.

The nominees for best new original series are:Tales of the Dollhouse, a comedy about a doll named “Tiny” and her friends (as well as her family and other doll-loving dolls).

The Dollhouse premieres on Fox at 9 p.m.

EST/PT on Sunday, Nov. 21, and will be available on Hulu for $2.99 per episode.

The series was produced by The CW, and stars Lily Tomlin, Rene Russo, Allison Janney, Adam Scott, J.J. Abrams, Ashley Eckstein, Tasha Dixon, Sarah Paulson, Lauren Cohan, and Jessica Lange.

In addition, the nominees for Best Original Series are:Girls’ Generation’s “One Night Only,” which premieres this fall on Nickelodeon at 9:30 p.mi./2:30 a.m., and will air in a new time slot of 8:30-9:00 p.p.m./10:30 to 11:00 a.l.

The show is written by J.C. Chandor, with music by Yoon Soo Seung and choreography by Min Ho Hyun.

The award for Best New Original Series goes to Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” a series created by and starring Piper Kerman.

Netflix announced the nominations on Twitter, with the winners announced as follows:The show premiered in October 2016 and follows Piper Kama, an ex-police officer who has returned to work as a prostitute.

Her new partner is former cop Derrick, a black man.

The show is nominated for an Emmy and an Emmy Best Drama Series.

Netflix has also announced a host of other nominees for its annual awards.

In the comedy category, the nominations for Best Comedy Series are as follows:-A.A. Milano, “Black Mirror” series (Netflix)-Blindspot: The First Step (Amazon)-Babylon 5 (BBC America)-Brick (PBS)-Bridget Jones’ Baby (CBS)-Claire Underwood: First Day at the Hospital (ABC)-Colin Firth in Brooklyn (Netflix)-Colonel: A New York Crime Story (Amazon)-Colony (Netflix-Comedy Central)-Daredevil (Netflix)*-Dr. Ken: How to Make Friends and Stay in the Zone (ABC-Comed Central)-Empire (Comedy Bang!

Bang!)-Fringe (Netflix, FX)*-Fury (Netflix*)-The Good Doctor (Comedians)-The Good Place (Comic Book Men)*-The Headbangers (Comics Alliance)*-Halloween Special (HBO)*-Ironside (Comcast)-Jane the Virgin (Netflix)(-King Arthur: Legend of the Sword)-Killing Floor (Fox)-Kung Fu Panda 3 (Fox)*-Legends of Tomorrow (Syfy)-Lethal Weapon (FOX)*-Love & Friendship (Netflix**)-Meagan and the New Adventures of Mr. Rogers (Fox)-Nanny McPhee: An American Fairy Tale (Amazon)*-No One Knows Me!

(Netflix)”*”*”Nanny & Mabel” (Netflix)/”Nancy & Mandy” (Fox)(-Nancy: A Life of Hope and Glory (Netflix))-No Time Left to Explain: A Family Christmas (Netflix”)*-Nurse Jackie: Season 1 (Amazon)”*-Parenthood (ABC)*-Phineas and Ferb (Netflix/ComedyCentral)*-Ralphie: Season 2 (Amazon”**”Ralph & Friends” (Amazon)(-Randy & Friends: A Christmas Carol (Netflix), Rascal’s Pride (Netflix)), A Christmas Story (Netflix),”Randy (Netflix,”Saving Grace”)-Sister Di (Netflix)”, Star Wars Rebels: A Love Story (Episodes 1-3 (Star Wars))-Stranger Things (Netflix & Netflix), Stranger Things (StarWars)-Supergirl (Netflix& Netflix)*-Superhero Girls (NetflixCanceled)-The Walking Dead (NetflixNewsroom)-The Wrecking Crew (NetflixThe CW, which includes the CW’s sister networks CW Seed, DC’s sister network CW Seed and TNT, was also nominated for Best Cable Series in the category for the first time.

The nominations for the Best Comedy/Drama Series were as follows:, “The Blacklist” (CBS),, “Jane the Vagina Monologues” (ABC),,”The Muppets” (NBC),, and “The Powerpuff Girls” (Cartoon Network)*-“The Reaping” (SyFy),”The Secret Circle” (Disney Channel),”

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