How to watch and share videos on Reddit – What to know: What to watch guide

How to stream and watch YouTube videos on reddit?

It’s easy to stream YouTube videos from the web, but what you should do if you can’t?

If you’re looking to watch a YouTube video on reddit, here’s everything you need to know.1.

You can stream a YouTube Video on RedditIf you’re using a mobile browser, open up YouTube and click the “More” button on the top left.2.

You’ll see a video title.

Click the link.3.

A small countdown will show you the next video you can watch.4.

Click play to watch.5.

The video will play.

You might not be able to watch it immediately because of the countdown.

It’ll take a few minutes for the video to load, but the countdown should show you when you can.


You should have a YouTube subscription for the videos you watch.


You don’t have to watch every video on the site, but you should.


You may not be in the habit of watching every video, but it helps to watch them occasionally.


If you’ve got a problem with a video, the best thing you can do is report it. 10.

The “Submit a Video” button should be in your sidebar.


Click on the video you want to watch to begin streaming it.12.

The title of the video will change from the title screen to a summary of what the video is about.13.

If the title of a video is the same as the description, click on the title and then on the description.

You won’t see the title until you click on it again.14.

If it says “Stream now” and “Submit” you’ll be able click the next button.


If a video isn’t loading, the streamer is probably in a state where they can’t stream.

The next screen should say, “Sign in to view this video” or something similar.


Click “Submit”.

You’ll get a message that you’ve watched the video.

It should be on your desktop.

You’re now viewing the video on your reddit account.


If your stream has been rejected, click the red “X” next to the video and click “Accept”.

You should see the video start loading.18.

Now that you have a Reddit account, you can access your videos through your browser, and share them.

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