Which is more racist? The video or the dog?

The dog has been a mascot for decades, but when it came to the election, people were not happy.

People were calling him racist.

In September, he was photographed in the White House, with a black man in a hoodie and a red hat.

It was the first time a black president had been photographed wearing a hood and red hat in the Oval Office since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. But, as it turned out, the dog was not a racist symbol.

In fact, the video was a bit of a surprise.

After the election ended, a YouTube video went viral, showing a white man holding a dog as a symbol of victory.

The video, titled ‘Piglet Goes to the Whitehouse,’ was quickly taken down, but the message was clearly there.

It showed a white person with a dog.

Trump has since said that he doesn’t want to see anything like that, but people are still upset.

He even tweeted that he was offended by the video.

But the dog in the video didn’t even belong to Trump, he tweeted.

It belonged to the dog that beat him up a few weeks earlier.

And he didn’t have a dog to beat up.

Trump and the dog In November, Trump announced that he would be giving up his White House duties for a while to take a position as CEO of the Trump Organization.

In the weeks after his inauguration, Trump was seen on television walking a dog with a Trump dog tag around his neck.

Trump did not have a White House staff to help him with his dog, and he was worried about his dog not being comfortable around people.

He told Fox News that the dog “got away.”

In a January 2017 interview with CNN, Trump said that the dogs “don’t like” the White Houses staff and that he has never taken a dog into his office for his daily duties.

And in March, when Trump said he would step down as president, his dog was left in his Whitehouse office for several days.

The president said that his dog had a “bad reputation” and “was a little bit too much for him.”

But the dogs reputation for being a racist mascot went up in smoke, and Trump said in a March 19, 2017, interview that he had not actually thought about that at all.

“No, it’s not true,” Trump said.

“It’s not accurate.

It’s not how I see it.”

After Trump’s inauguration, he said that, when he first met with members of the media, the media didn’t like him.

But then he got the dog.

It took a lot of people, he told the New York Times.

They have to see it.

But in the end, he did it.

“He was a dog,” Trump told the Times.

Now he has a lot to lose.”

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