New York’s first sex-positive, sex-free restaurant opens at 5th and Market

NEW YORK (AP) New York City has opened the first sex shop for sex-negative tourists, a restaurant in a trendy neighborhood that is known for its sex-dealing, and a sex-ed program in a city that has a high rate of HIV infections.

The Brooklyn Bowl opened in Brooklyn on Monday with a menu of vegan and gluten-free items and a porn-themed theme that includes a $20 “Pussy of the Day” gift.

It’s open seven days a week.

The restaurant, located at 515 West 5th Street, is named after a woman who worked at a Brooklyn-based sex-focused bar called the Brooklyn Bowl.

She died in 2014.

The Brooklyn bowl is the first restaurant in New York to offer a sex shop, according to the Brooklyn restaurant association.

The clubbers of the 1960s and 1970s may not have had much choice but to go to restaurants, the association said.

It was the sex shop that sparked the idea to open the first Manhattan-area sex shop in 2014, said executive director Andrea Guglielmi.

We have to bring our city back to something we used to have and we have to be welcoming to everybody.

“Gugliolmi says Brooklyn Bowl’s location makes it a good fit for the city’s sex-friendly environment.

There are no bars or clubs, she said, so patrons can relax at the restaurant, sit in the booths and chat.

The restaurant is located in a shopping district in Brooklyn that has seen a surge in sex-positivity activity in recent years.

New York City’s mayor has said the city will work to improve its sex rate.

The city has an HIV-prevention rate of 1.3 percent, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Guglilmi said the restaurant will be the citys first sex service in the city, as well as a sex school.

The Brooklyn Bowl has partnered with Brooklyn College for its curriculum, which will be taught at the Brooklyn School of Music.

The first class at Brooklyn Bowl will include six women and two men.

Guglilimi said that means Brooklyn Bowl can teach students about sex education and how to talk about their sexualities.

Gudlilii said that the Brooklyn bowl’s owner, Daniel Levesque, has had the support of the New York state legislature.

He is a New York senator who is running for mayor, Guglulielmis said.

The city has a strong history of supporting sex-related programs and initiatives, Gudlili said.

In 2016, the city approved $5 million in grants to expand and improve a sex education program that focuses on how to prevent HIV and STIs.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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