Philando Castile video shows what a real life shootout looks like

Video: Philando’s girlfriend livestreamed the moments leading up to the shooting, and it was one of the most graphic footage I’ve ever seen on social media.

But what did she know about the situation?

The video begins with Philando shooting another man, who was holding a baby in his arms, and Philando stops and talks to the man.

“Why don’t you do it?

He’s my little man, he’s my son,” Philando tells the man, before shooting him several times.

“He’s my baby.

He’s your son.”

Philando’s fiance, Diamond Reynolds, captured the moment in her own video, telling the dispatcher that her fiance was “not armed.”

It is unclear whether she was shot by Philando or by the police.

Philando was carrying a fake firearm that was not real, according to the officer’s body camera.

“My fiance, Philando, did not have a gun,” he says.

“This was a staged robbery.”

Reynolds says she was at the store when she heard gunshots, and the two women were running to the car to get away.

She says Philando approached her, asking if she was a police officer, and Reynolds replied that she was.

“He asked if he could have a warrant.

I told him no, and he said I’m the one who needs to go,” Reynolds said.

“I told him I was a peace officer.

I said I know he’s not a police.

He said ‘Well, what do you need me to do to you?'”

Reynolds says Philandes response was to say “you need to go get the warrant,” and she said “I’m a peace cop.”

After Philando fired his gun, Reynolds told the dispatcher, “I was scared for my life.

I was scared because he said he had a gun.”

“He was trying to get the guy to put the gun down.

I had no choice,” Reynolds told KSL-TV.

The officer told Reynolds that he had to take her into custody, but Reynolds says that wasn’t what happened.

She said that she went to the back of the store and saw Philando standing in the parking lot, holding a gun.

She claims that he pulled out a gun, pointed it at her, and that he pointed the gun at her.

“My fiance said ‘You’re a cop.

You’re the police, you’re going to get me,'” Reynolds told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Reynolds claims that she grabbed the gun, and began firing at Philando.

“The officer had to pull his gun out and run because I was firing at him and I was trying, you know, to get him to put his hands up,” Reynolds testified.

The officer told her that he could not shoot her because the gun was a fake.

Reynolds then told The Tribune that she turned her gun on herself, but that was before she could do anything.

She then went back into the store, where she called 911.

“She said she was running and that she needed help,” Reynolds explained.

“They were not trying to help me.”

“The only thing I can say is, the officer said, ‘You need to put down the gun.

Put the gun back on.’

That’s when I shot him,” Reynolds continued.

Reynolds’ attorney, Mike Linder, says that his client told him that Philando had a firearm, and she knew he was not armed.

“I’ve seen video that shows that Philandels wife and the fiance were in the car at the time,” Linder told The New York Times.

“We were there at the Walmart, and they were not armed.”

He added that Philander’s fiancee has since called police to corroborate her account.

“We were told that his fiancee was not there when the shots were fired, but the officer confirmed that his wife was at that Walmart when the shooting happened,” Lister told the Times.

Reynolds was charged with aggravated assault and manslaughter.

Philando Castille, the man Philando shot, was an officer at the department for more than six years.

He has been named as one of three people killed by police in the United States this year, according, the Police Executive Research Forum.

The police union, which represents nearly 30,000 police officers in the country, has been vocal in their support for Castile.

In 2016, after the election of Donald Trump as president, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, decided to remove its controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows citizens to use deadly force if they believe their life is in imminent danger.

The city also repealed its police union-busting agreement with the police department.

The Charlotte Observer reported that after Castile was killed, the police union announced that they would be negotiating a new contract.

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