Why the NBA should have gone with a new logo, new jerseys and new jerseys, instead of the old one

The NBA and the players union are trying to make the game safer for its fans and players, but a new proposal could be making fans and viewers nervous.

Article Continued BelowArticle Continued The league and the union want to create a new, bolder logo that looks like an American flag with more colorful elements.

The new logo would be more recognizable and less distracting to the average fan, and it would be a better fit with the current league and team colors, according to the union.

It also would be easier for players and coaches to communicate with one another, which is a big part of the union’s effort to make games more safe.

The logo is a work in progress, and the new logo is being worked on by a number of different companies.

The NBA has also been using a version of the logo that has a greenish hue for years, and that has been widely seen as more colorful.

But the union wants a different color to go with the new, more colorful logo.

The NBA and NBA Players Association are in the middle of a public relations battle over the new logos.

It’s unclear when the union will submit its new proposal.

The union has been working on the proposal for a year, but it was never ready to submit it to the league until this week, league sources told The Associated Press.

It took the union a few days to get its new logo approved by the league, and then it took another few days for it to get approval from the league’s independent union, the NBA Players’ Association.

The new logo includes a smaller version of what the union used in the past, with an outline of the league logo and a new yellow-colored “D” logo in the center of the lettering.

The union is looking for more color variations to make it more appealing to the public, and also to make fans and advertisers more familiar with the name and logos.

The logo would also be more easily identifiable.

The current logo is more recognizable, but the union is trying to appeal to a broader audience, which it thinks is important to make sure the logo is widely recognizable.

The proposal will be put to a vote Thursday.

The vote will be held at the union bargaining table, but union officials have not decided whether the vote will take place at the bargaining table or at a neutral venue.

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